Monday, July 04, 2011

AP Government in Crisis over Telangana State formation

Andhra Pradesh Government, headed by Mr.Kiran Kumar Reddy plunged into crisis after 69 MLA's belonging to the Telangana Region resign from their Assembly seats demanding creation of Telangana State. Currently, 32 Congress MLAs have resigned and a couple more are yet to follow suit.

However, around 11 MLAs from the Hyderabad region, have not yet made any decision as yet except for Jubilee Hills MLA, Mr.Vishnuvardhan Reddy who was the first to resign. This would put pressure on the remaining MLA's to follow suit or face public wrath in the next elections.

Constitutional experts say that the Kiran Kumar Reddy government is in crisis as of now. Despite the numbers, Kiran Kumar Reddy Government cannot continue morally for the fact that the entire Telangana Region is not represented in the state assembly.
Experts point out that once these resignations are accepted nine districts from Telangana will not have any representation in the assembly. A government cannot function in this manner.

Out of 12 Congress MP's representing Telangana region, 11 MP's have decided to resign.

Let's see how the future would unfold.

Jai Telangana !!

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