Monday, August 04, 2008

My 100th Post !!

Being my 100th Post, I planned to write something good after all the grim news I was posting !!

Our former employee, Abdul Mobeen got married on Saturday and he took the pains to visit our office and invite us even though we are from different companies now.

It was raining donkeys on that day but no one is complaining. While Hindus are performing Pujas in Temples, Muslims are doing Namaz - both for common goal - Rains !!

All the roads choked with heavy traffic jams and big big potholes on the roads as if there was aerial bombardment.

It was mentioned that the event starts at 8PM. True to my nature, I reached dot on time but found that I was the first person to reach that place !! True to Hyderabadi style, people started coming from 8.45PM onwards and the event started at 9.30PM !! Met Mobeen, gave the gift and we proceeded for dinner.

Persons who came there from our company are Siva Prasad, Tulasi Ram Reddy, Sahiti came along with her younger sister as her husband went to Bengaluru to attend another marriage and Shipra came along with her hubby Anand and their cute kid, Shreyas.

Even though, being a pure vegetarian, I had no trouble during dinner as the hosts were very caring and made sure veggies got what they wanted and no non-veg stuff. The food was awesome - true to Hyderabadi style !! Came to know that the non-veg stuff is also quite mouth watering.

In Muslim marriages, the bride would be sitting at one part of the Marriage Hall while the Bride Groom at the other part and both parts would be separated by a big curtain making it impossible to see what's going on the Women's side. Since Men were not allowed to venture towards the women's side, we had no clue how Mobeen's wife looked like !!

The rain didnt stopped even till 11PM. I dropped off Tulasi at his place and by the time I reached back Home, it was almost Midnight!!

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Blogger Hyderabad Mama said...

Ya, Ya, i too enjoyed Mobeen's party.

Also, Thumbs Up! for your 100th Post.
its like 100 days movie celebration.


10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Madhav,

I missed the marriage reception party. Due to some reasons i could not make up to it.

Anyways let me congratulate on your 100 innings.. I read your blog regularly and here is my comment after long gap.

Keep posting..


11:26 AM  
Blogger Sathiya said...

Congrats Madhav for the 100th post!

11:22 AM  

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