Monday, July 28, 2008

Is The Government Functioning ??

Somehow I got this doubt after a series of bomb blasts hit the Southern City of Bangalore (now called as Bengaluru) and Gujarat State capital, Ahmedabad (Karnavati is its original name before its Muslim invaders changed its name). Recently, Jaipur was the target of a series of bomb blasts. The interesting fact is that, all the three states are ruled by Hindu Nationalist, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). It needs to be observed if the Islamic terrorists want to send a political message. Whenever a bomb blast occurs in the country, oflate, it has become common the finger points to Hyderabad, which has become a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists as the State Government hardly cares for security of its citizens.

The Central Government is more busy to ensure that it is in the power. While a committee would be formed to ascertain the reasons for the blasts, the report would come out in a year or two. Meanwhile, people would forget about the blasts and wait for another blast to occur. While the politicians were given gunmen and mine and blast proof vehicles, it is the ordinary citizens who are left to rot. I got a feeling that the Government got no spine to act tough. We are sending wrong signals to terrorists of a soft state. We need strong laws that can give extra power to the police and at the same time, give absolute power to the Intelligence Agencies and not use them to settle political scores.

Bangalore Blasts:

Within a span of three hours, there were nine bomb blasts in Benguluru which resulted in the death of two people and 4 injured.

It was just luck that these blasts were of minor intensity that resulted in such a very less loss of life.

Are the terrorists just testing the security situation and planning for more heavier strikes ?? Time would tell.

Generally, terrorists strike at areas where there would be large concentration of people. But in Bengaluru, the bombs were planted under foot bridges, electric transformers, near petrol bunks and under culverts. Since the intensity of the bombs were less, it didnt create much damage to the property.

One more interesting fact is that, the terrorists were targeting Hospitals. They know that the bomb blast victims would be brought to hospitals and lot of media, police and politicians concentration would be around hospitals. If they hit the hospitals, that would create more chaos and panic and the loss of life would be more. Bloody fucking bastards!!

Ahmedabad Blasts:

Within 24 hours of Bengaluru bomb blasts, Ahmedabad was targeted. Within a span of 70 minutes, 16 serial blasts took place at 14 locations in Ahmedabad. Four blasts occured in two hospitals !!

50 people died and more than 100 injured. A non-descript organization called "Indian Mujaheddin" claimed the blast and it said it is avenging Gujarat.

Future Course Of Action:

It is to be noted that while all the terrorists are Muslims, some of the victims would be Muslims too. Which only show that the terrorists dont care even if Muslims die in the bomb blasts. The onus has fallen now on Muslims to bring out the wolves out of the herd of sheeps. The Government's blatant approval of so many Mosques, Masjids and more importantly Islamic Seminaries and Madrassas has only increased the religious extremists. As happens in Hindu Schools, the Government should ensure that modern education is taught at the Madrassas. If not, we would be only breeding terrorists who would not think a moment to kill their own Mothers.

At the sametime, we need to bring back POTA or any other Act which would give a free hand to the intelligence agencies. I agree that such acts would be against human rights, but at the sametime, I do feel that we should not think about Human Rights with regard to terrorists who hardly give a shit for human rights.

Another area where we need to concentrate is take the war to enemy's doorstep. We need to first strengthen our External and Internal Intelligence Agencies. Through our agents in Pakistan, assassinate the militant leaders who have the protection of Pakistan. We cannot be bogged down by such things when we are planning to play an important role in international arena. If we cannot put our house in order, how can we play any role internationally ? I do understand that some people would not support such an idea saying that there would be counter assassinations in our country. But, dont you think we had enough of bomb blasts till now following such a failed course ? Assassinations means politicians would be killed instead of ordinary citizens !! I do believe, lot of Indians would support my idea as they hardly care for their spineless politicians.

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