Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Satellite Bombing

I was going through the news and was reading how India is supplying Pakistan with the address, phone numbers, passport numbers of the terrorists we are asking Pakistan to hand over. And, everytime Pakistan only gets back to us saying that those people don't reside in Pakistan. And then, we keep quiet and wait for another bomb blast and another cycle of threats and counter threats and again another bomb blasts.

People are really fed up with all this crap. We keep saying that we need to hit Pakistani terrorist camps. But How ?? If we launch a military strike, even a limited one would result in counter attacks and that "might" lead either to a minor skirmish or can lead to a large scale war where Nuclear Weapons might be used. This is the last thing we need !!

India needs a stable neighborhood. Looks like we are stuck up in an endless game of threats and counter threats. So, how we proceed further ?

Satellite Bombs:
This is a wild idea I got but ofcourse, Iam aware of the fact that our American friends would have already implemented that. Look at the way they "Shot Down" their own spy satellite that they say has gone "unhooked" in the month of February 2008. They are saying that the spy satellite contains not only high resolution cameras but also some sort of hazardous material.

Why would any satellite has any hazardous material - unless it contains some sort of a missile !! hmm.....good find !! A common person like me could able to guess that - why not our political masters who makes the rules ??

Here is what we need to do:

Send numerous satellites (like we deployed 10 satellites at a time) and make sure that these satellites have bombs in them. Scientists need to make sure these satellites go up into the space safely and more importantly fall on the specific target location more safely without blasting off during the re-entry.

Our intelligence agencies would already be having the satellite images of the buildings where these terrorists are living. With Human Intelligence, they need to make sure that the person is inside the house and one of our "Satellite Bombs" would fall directly on the house killing everyone inside.

Since radars would not have enough time to detect this, no one would in their wildest dreams expect what we have done !!

Howzzzat ??

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Blogger Sathiya said...

At this situation, even this could end up in a large war. As the economy is really bad, this is not a good time for the war. Government should think about the economy and help thousands of people who are losing their jobs.

9:49 AM  

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