Friday, December 05, 2008

Eminent Muslims Condemn Attack on Mumbai

Strongly condemning the terror attacks in Mumbai, a group of eminent Muslims from all walks of life on Thursday appealed to the community members in the country to observe Black Eid on Tuesday.

Signatories to the appeal include actors Aamir Khan, Sanjay Khan and Javed Jaffery, cricketers Mohammed Azharuddin and Syed Kirmani, filmmakers Aziz Mirza, Abbas Mastan, Sayeed Mirza, poet and writer Javed Akhtar, script-writer Salim Khan and senior editor M J Akbar, along with a large number of other personalities from theatre, journalism, police and sports.

The appeal has been endorsed by a number of Muslim clerics including those from All India Organisation of Imams of Mosques, Dar-ul-uloom Wariseya, Lucknow, and the Ameen-i-Shariat Education Trust, Gujarat.

'As a mark of protest, we the Muslims of India call our community to come together to mark a symbolic protest on Eid ul Zoha on Tuesday (December 8). This is a day that celebrates sacrifice. This year, let us turn this celebration into a commemoration,' a joint press release issued by them said.

'Let all Indian Muslims wear a small black arm band while going to pray in the morning, let this be a silent protest against the mercenaries who spread terror in our janmabhoomi,' the appeal said.

'We the Muslims of India condemn terror in every land. We condemn terror in every divisive form. We condemn terror in every appalling manifestation. We condemn it, we denounce it, we damn it. Each act of terror on Indian soil does not just injure our motherland, it also besmirches the name of Islam,' the signatories said.

One of the signatories, Maulana Kalbe Rosahir Rizvi, said, "We implore Muslim clerics and imams of mosques all over India to request their congregation during the Friday prayers to wear black bands on Eid."


It would also be great if the politicians who generally attract Muslim votes also come out and condemn the attacks that are happening in the name of Islam. It is to be noted that of the 183 killed, the number of Muslims killed is more than 25 which alone shows that the terrorists don't give a damn if the are killing people belonging to their own religion.

As someone prominently said, "It is an attack on the sole idea of "India"."

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