Monday, October 20, 2008

500 Hindu Temples Desecrated in Tiny Goa

Very very disturbing news that past couple of years, more than 500 Hindu Temples were desecrated in the tiny state of Goa. A day long strike was called by Hindu outfits which was supported by the Bharatiya Janata party today in Goa.

Here is the link to the original post appeared in Rediff - Bandh stalls life in Goa.

The Goa shut down call given by the Hindu right wing organizations evoked a near complete response on Monday, with shops and establishments remaining closed for the day.

The day-long shut down call is in protest of the increasing instances of desecration of idols in temples across the state.

The shut down call given by the Mandir Suraksha Samiti has representation from organizations like the Bajrang Dal and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti in it.

The Bharatiya Janata Party too has extended its support for the bandh, which according to them, is a protest against state's deteriorating law and order situation.

Majority of the offices struck work on Monday and various establishments remained closed as employees did not turn up.

There were also incidents of stone pelting reported where a bus run by Kadamba Transport Corporation was stoned by protesters at Mapusa town. Police confirmed that eight people have been arrested in this connection.

"Now the situation is under control. There were some road blockages which are cleared," superintendent of police (North) Bosco George told PTI.

Goa has witnessed around 500 desecration's so far, mostly in the temples located in isolated rural areas.

The Goa government has declared the bandh illegal and has appealed to the people not to co-operate with it.

Despite government appeals and strong police presence, the bandh remained successful in major parts of Goa including the capital city of Panaji.

Earlier, The Goa church had condemned desecration of idols in the state."It is a matter of serious concern that our state is witnessing an increased number of desecration of Hindu places of worship," Father Francisco Caldeira, director, Diocesan centre for Social Communication Media, Goa church's wing, said.

Father Caldeira said that the desecration is a dangerous trend for the social fabric of Goa, which is known to be a land of religious harmony and amity.

"While we condemn such acts of cowardice and vandalism against religious places, we express our unstinting solidarity with the aggrieved community and we appeal for peace to be maintained at all costs. We call upon the concerned authorities to bring the culprits to book," the church has said.

Madhav Comments:

It is strange that Human right activists and the so called secular parties make a big thing when a Mosque or Church is attacked but they don't say a word when Hindu temples were desecrated. Where are the Lalu's, Mulayam's and Karunadhi's gone ?? One rule for Hindus and another rule for Minorities ?? Is this Secularism ?? No wonder I hate these bastards.


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