Friday, October 10, 2008

Children Trapped in Borewell

I started not reading news where children get trapped in the hole meant to lay a borewell. It has become a common drama played there.

Here are the series of events enacted everytime a child falls into a borewell:

* Child falls in a 150 Feet (sometimes more than that) deep borewell.
* Army is called in as obviously the state government doesn't have the equipment.
* Army digs parallel pits using heavy machinery, boy supplied with water and food.
* Huge Army of media shows live coverage of the entire incident.
* Boy rescued and Army guys flash a victory sign after two days.

When do Indians learn the art of "Learning from mistakes" ?? Do we give value to our lives at all ? Why do we have to re-enact the same drama every couple of months proving our idiocy in leaving the borewells uncovered so that our unsuspecting children fall into them ?

Here is the one that is unfolding since today morning at a village near Agra:

Efforts are underway on a war footing to rescue a two-year-old boy, who fell into a 150-ft borewell in a village near Agra on Thursday with authorities launching a massive effort to rescue him amid apprehension that the bore was too narrow and water might permeate into it from a nearby pond.

Sonu fell into the borewell around 10 am while playing near his house in Tohra village near Shamsabad town, 26 km from Agra.

Agra SSP Raghubir Lal said the borewell is just one foot in diameter and it's almost impossible for a man to go down into it to bring up the boy, who is also too small to latch to a rope if it is lowered down.

Sonu is stuck below at about 60 feet of the borewell.

Lal said a parallel well is being dug near the borewell so that the rescue team can get to the boy through a tunnel.

He said the boy's voice also could not be heard now nor was there any movement from him though he was found crying some 90 minutes after he fell into it.

Sonu has also not been responding to his mother who was being asked to call him.

Lal said since there was a pond near the site, it was feared that the level of the water in the borewell might increase.

There have been a number of such incidents of children falling into narrow borewells in recent times.

In 2006, a kid named Prince fell into a borewell which was two-and-a-half feet in diameter. He was rescued after over two days of efforts, which were telecast live on almost all television channels.

The rescue team has so far dug up to 42 to 43 feet of the parallel well in an effort to rescue the two-year-old Sonu, said a police official.

A CCTV camera has been inserted in the well, though it could not catch the image of the child yet. Oxygen is also being released in the well through a pipe.

Senior officials along with army and a team of doctors are stationed at the spot, he said.

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