Monday, September 01, 2008

Appeasing Minorities !!

It has become very natural and normal for all the political parties, including those who are blamed as pro-Hindu like the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to toe a pro-minority stance and not come out in full support of the Hindus who were suppressed in Jammu & Kashmir.

This was glaringly visible during the Amarnath Yatra issue. As everyone knows, the J&K Government being led by the Congress Party and the Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) have allotted the land to Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB) to erect temporary structures to build toilets and temporary accommodation to the pilgrims who make this hazardous journey, often facing the bullets of Islamic Terrorists. Everything thing was fine until the extremists started spreading rumors that the Indian Government was trying to push in "outsiders" (which literally means Hindus) and change the demography of the Kashmir Valley.

This was such a ridiculous argument that how can few temporary structures change the demography of the entire Muslim dominated Kashmir Valley. But with the elections in another six months, all the political parties pitched in. PDP, whose Ministers have signed the transfer of land had pulled out of the Government thus supporting the extremists views. The Congress Government, in a knee jerk reaction withdrew the order to try to save its Government. But, the PDP stood by its stand and the Government fell.

Everyone thought things would come to normalcy as it has become common to the Government to bow to the demands of separatists and extremists. Then, something happened which no one could expect.

Jammu Revolts:

Seeing the Government bow down to the pressure, Jammu erupts in protests. This was a very spontaneous one where in even the old people, children and women took part in the massive protests. They are sick with the attitude of the politicians of Kashmir Valley who are all against development. While hilly states like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand have started to prosper, Jammu & Kashmir is still reeling under unemployment and other problems just because of a few idiotic politicians.

After 60 years of J&K Government's favoritism towards Kashmir Valley, Hindu dominated Jammu revolted. They started an economic blockade of Kashmir Valley. They just blocked the only highway that connects rest of India with Kashmir. This hurt the Kashmiris where it hurted the most. Apples worth Crores of Rupees started to rot and the daily loss was running into hundreds of crores of rupees.

Then Kashmirs started "Chalo Muzaffarabad" - into the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir to sell their goods. Then the Government acted tough and shot dead 5 people who have assembled at the border with Pakistan and march into Pakistan.

What best the Government can do is let them go and let them not come back. Bastards would then learn a good lesson. Then they will know the importance of being in a Democratic Country. They didn't learn a lesson looking at how Muslims who went to Pakistan after Partition - called a Mohajirs were treated. They are still treated as second rate citizens in Pakistan.

While the Government is showing leniency towards Muslims that they can go Home one hour early during Ramzan Month and also increasing the Government subsidy on Haj Travel, Hindus are suffering and at the same time, blamed for everything that happens here.

All the political parties should come out clearly. If they are secular, let them not align themselves with Muslim extremist parties like the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) or Majlis (MIM) at the sametime, saying BJP is Pro-Hindu and Nazi type party.

It has been recently learned by the Intelligence Agencies that terrorists are joining the ranks of Human Right Organizations. I can clearly see lot of Muslims acting on behalf of some or other human rights organizations and they give lectures against BJP and other Sangh outfits. But they dont utter a word against the terrorist attacks or the Maoist attacks in the country. The same goes for Communists and parties like the Samajwadi Party, DMK, TDP and other political outfits who call themselves as Secular. They dont utter a word against the Islamic Terrorism but they dont hesitate to stage Hartals and Strikes against Sangh outfits.

This got to change. They cant fool people for a longtime. Ordinary Indians would show that in the coming elections.


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